Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Super Mario Maker

We will play any level you send to us as long as it doesn’t contain any form of trolling.  Levels that include trolling will immediately be skipped.  While we’re not fans of Kaizo levels and those that include a lot of trial-and-error, we will play them for at least 5 minutes on stream.  Please keep this in mind when choosing which courses to submit.

No, but that would depend on your definition of “easy“. For whatever reason, many people seem to believe Mario Maker only contains two difficulties: Kaizo and Easy. Obviously, that just is not true. In fact, I don’t even consider Kaizo to be a difficulty, but rather a style. The definition of difficulty will vary from person to person, but as long as the level is fair, we’re happy to play it. As stated above, we actually will play any course that doesn’t contain trolling, but certain levels may only receive the minimum of 5 minutes.

The simple answer is that we will spend at least 5 minutes on every course (except levels containing trolling elements) and no more than 15 minutes. We do this to be fair to everyone wishing to watch their course played live on stream. Courses that we are not making progress in or simply aren’t having fun playing will only receive 5 minutes. If we’re enjoying a course, but are unable to complete it within 15 minutes, we’ll have to skip it so we can get to more courses. Of course, just because we don’t finish your course on stream doesn’t mean we won’t complete it. Often times, we go back and play courses off stream so we can complete them. Also, if you think we didn’t give your course enough time, just let us know and we may check it out more offline.

Please only submit levels you actually created. I know it’s tempting to send in a level you saw elsewhere, but most people take the time to create their own course and want to watch it played. Also, if we have a question about something in the course and you didn’t make it, you probably can’t answer it. Thanks for your understanding.

It’s not that we can’t, we simply choose not to. Actually, we do play them, we just don’t waste much time on them. To complete a Kaizo level you need to take a lot of time to learn the subtle nuances of each course. It can take hours in the editor just to figure out what needs to be done. We don’t enjoy playing Mario Maker that way. Thankfully for you, there are numerous other streams that do! If you enjoy watching a streamer fail a million times on a level over the span of several hours (or days, or weeks), please search for another stream. Unfortunately, our stream just may not be for you.

We take Stars in Super Mario Maker just a little more serious than most players. We’re not here to help you pad your Star count and we don’t give out Stars simply because you submitted a level.  That may sound harsh, but there’s a reason for it..

We play Mario Maker for the amazing, innovative courses people create. This game is great because it allows anyone the ability to easily create their own Mario level.  Of course, all levels are not created equally.  Mario Maker has proven to be a hotbed for trolling, spamming, unfriendly and, otherwise, unpleasant courses.  Thankfully, Mario Maker has also brought out extraordinary creativity in many players.  For that reason, it only makes sense to reward a course that someone actually spent time trying to make awesome rather than one put together in a few minutes or one with the sole intent of frustrating a players.

We’re often asked, “What are you looking for when determining whether to give a Star or not?”  Basically, we just want to see some effort.  You don’t have to create the most dynamic, elaborate courses with stunning design to receive a Star from us.  If your course is enjoyable and logical, there’s no reason not to Star it!

What are reasons we may choose not to Star your course?  Many factors could be to blame, but here are a few examples:

  • If your course is simply a replica of an existing game/idea (i.e. SMB 1-1 Remake!).  Anyone can trace a picture, but that doesn’t make them an artist.
  • Levels that are extremely short or that basically just showcase an idea.  An idea is great, but please build a course around it.
  • Spam!  If it’s impossible to maneuver a level without taking damage, you probably added just a few too many enemies.  Spam may also include sound effect spam or anything else added solely to be an annoyance.
  • Directions needed.  One of the toughest challenges in Mario Maker is demonstrating the desired method to complete a course.  If your course absolutely requires you to provide step-by-step instructions, it’s probably too complicated.  This comes into play most often we glitches are utilized and/or abused.
  • Trolling.  Under no circumstance will we give a Star to a level that contains troll elements.

Before we can decide to Star any course, we need to see all of it.  If we are unable to complete your course live, we will need to go back and check it out some more off-stream to determine whether to Star it or not.  Just because we are unable to beat your level does not mean we won’t Star it.  If we’re unable to finish it, we will take a look at it in the Editor.  We like to fully review all courses just to make sure nothing questionable is taking place (i.e. trolling, dev routes, etc).

Just because we didn’t Star your course does not mean we didn’t enjoy it. In fact, we play a lot of “good” courses that we just don’t deem Star-worthy. Please don’t take it personal if we didn’t Star your course. Use it as motivation to create an even better course and submit it to us.  Also, if you think your course deserved a Star, just let us know.  It’s possible we overlooked something.  We’re always more than happy to go back and check out your course again off stream.

A “trial-and-error” course is one that forces the player to lose several lives while trying to learn what needs to be done. In a standard Mario Bros. level, you have time to look around and react according. Some creators in Mario Maker like to throw things at you where you can only avoid them if you know they’re coming. Basically, if you’re not the creator and not a mind reader, you’re going to lose a life. This will go on and on and on until you’ve died enough times to actually know the exact method for completing the course. This is unnecessary and time consuming, thus the reason we dislike these courses.

Trolling can be subjective, but I’ll try to give a few examples when it comes to Mario Maker. Imagine you come upon an area with a drop you must jump across. No problem, you’ve done this many times… piece of cake. You get ready, start to run and hit the jump button only to make contact with an Invisible Block that plummets you to your untimely demise. Frustrating, right? That’s the most obvious form of trolling. Another example is a door or pipe with arrows point to it. Very enticing. You’d be a fool not to check it out. When you do…. death. Yuck! Mario Maker seems to encourage trolling for some whatever reason. It’s unfortunate that you choose to embrace the trolling mentality, but we can’t stop you. What we can do is skip levels that contain trolling. If you submit a level that contains anything we deem to be trolling, we will immediately skip it. If you do it again, you will be banned. Please keep this in mind.

Glitches are incredibly hard to define in Mario Maker. It’s easy to say that anything you couldn’t do in the original games is probably a glitch. Of course, you must remember that Mario Maker has introduced many mechanics not seen in the originals. For that reason, things that may appear unintended by the creators could very well be a new technique.

A good rule of thumb is knowing the basic properties of Mario items. For example, the floor, ceiling and certain items are solid, so you shouldn’t be able to pass through them. If you need several special requirements to magically warp through a solid structure, it’s most likely a glitch. For the majority of players, what’s deemed a standard mechanic and what is probably intended should be obvious. If it’s not, it’s quite possible you’re dealing with a glitch.

Again, this is a very debatable subject, so no answer is going to be 100% correct. Until Nintendo informs us what we’re supposed to be able to do and what we’re not, we’re all in the dark.

There are many reasons we didn’t spend more time on any given course. One possible reason is we simply were not making progress. If you create an impossible course and the intent is to only have a few people ever complete it, you should understand why we didn’t spend much time playing it. Another reason could be lack of checkpoint or poor checkpoint placement. If we get far into the level and then are forced to go back and complete several daunting tasks over again, we may choose to move on. Lastly, even well designed, fun and fair courses can simply take a long time to complete. In this case, we will give them 15 minutes. If we can’t complete it in that amount of time, we will have to skip it to give everyone else a chance to watch their level played.

We skip courses for a few reasons. First and the most obvious reason would be if the course contained any sort of trolling. These courses will be immediately skipped. Another reason a course is skipped is if we’re not making any progress. Some courses will start off with a difficult mechanic and then proceed to several more like it. Once failing later in the course, we’re faced with the issue of having to complete everything over again. In these cases, the course is no longer fun and we will choose to just move on. Lastly, we have a timer system in place. We will courses for a minimum of 5 minutes and no more than 15 minutes. Sometimes, a course is simply too long or too complex and will take more than 15 minutes to finish. In that case, we have to skip it to give the other viewers a chance to watch their level played live.

Actually, we’re not forcing anyone to do anything. You willingly have chosen to visit our stream. Twitch is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of streams. We truly appreciate your decision to join our stream. To watch and chat, you will never be asked to follow, subscribe or donate.

If you have a course you’d like to see us play live on stream, we ask that you follow. We do this for a couple reasons. First, following shows that you’re actually interested in seeing your course played and you’re not just jumping from stream to stream randomly submitting courses. Secondly, and probably most importantly, it lowers the chance for troll levels to be submitted. Most trolls don’t want to waste time following a stream first or making any sort of effort. If they do, it actually wastes their valuable time to have to unfollow after submitting the course. It’s not a problem for us since all we did was skip their course anyway. Think of it as trolling the trolls. Lastly, we’re trying to grow our channel. If you’re enjoying our stream enough to actually spend time watching us play your course and chat with us, it only makes sense that you’d want to follow and check us out the next time we’re live.

Ultimately, we’re trying to build our stream.  Following doesn’t cost you anything, but helps us out tremendously.  Don’t forget, you’re free to unfollow at any time, for any reason… no questions asked. Remember, no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. However, if you want to see your course played, we ask that you please take a second to follow our channel.  Thank you for your understanding!

Main Course is where we showcase the best courses that are sent to us. Main Courses will receive a video feature on our YouTube channel as well as a full write-up about it here on There is no system in place to determine which courses are Main Courses, it’s purely up to us to decide. If you think your course is a Main Course candidate, head over to and Follow us.  You’ll be notified when we’re live.  If we’re playing Super Mario Maker, type !submit in chat to send us your course.  We find courses to feature during our live streams on Twitch.

We like to showcase courses that truly stand out from the crowd. Levels that are unique, innovative, interesting and fun to play while also visually attractive will always be in the running for Main Course. We sadly can’t featured every single course, but you should consider Main Course to be equivalent to a Star times 100. Receiving a Star from the AZBros is a big accomplishment, but getting a Main Course showcase is the ultimate achievement! To check out the current list of Main Course levels, please visit