Author: AZBros

Mario Maker DLC: Fire Clown Car


So, the brand new DLC for Mario Maker has been out for a while, one whole week to be exact. One item that was added into the game is the Fire Clown Car of...

Mario Maker Update Coming 12/22


While it may not be the major DLC you were hoping for, Super Mario Maker will be receiving a couple pretty cool updates on December 22.  Along with the new web portal, now named...

OFFICIAL: New Smash Bros. DLC Announced!


The FINAL Super Smash Bros. Direct has now come and gone and all we can say is… wow.  You knew Cloud was being shown, but Nintendo held back a few surprises!  It’s now official,...

Nintendo at The Game Awards 2015


Nintendo has attended  The Game Awards shows in the past.  Last year they debuted the first footage of Zelda Wii U. 

MKX DLC Reveal on Thursday!


Ed Boon will be at the 2015 ‘The Game Awards’ show to reveal “Who’s Next” for Mortal Kombat X DLC!

Nintendo Direct – November 12, 2015


Tomorrow (11/12/15), at 2PM PST, Nintendo will host their first Direct since June, and the first since the tragic passing of President Satoru Iwata.  What does Nintendo have in store for us?