Mario Maker DLC: Fire Clown Car


So, the brand new DLC for Mario Maker has been out for a while, one whole week to be exact. One item that was added into the game is the Fire Clown Car of course. I’m sure you’ve had a chance to use if by now, and you’ve probably even made a course or two utilizing it. But tell me, do you know all there is to know about the Fire Clown Car? Well, lets find out!


Now, I’m sure you all know that if you jump into a Fire Clown Car, that you will then be able to shoot fireballs from its mouth. These fireballs will be shot out at a horizontal trajectory from where you fired them. How about if you hold down the button that you use to shoot out a fireball, then what happens? Well, the shot becomes much bigger and will even destroy certain bricks. Okay, I’m sure this is all stuff that you already know. After all, they showed it in the DLC trailer. So, lets move on to some things that you may not be aware of when it comes to the Fire Clown Car.

mm12Lets try grabbing a fire flower before hopping in this time. Hmmmm, very interesting, it appears that you now shoot out three fireballs. The trajectory is like the spread weapon in the Contra games, not bad. It covers more space this way, should be very useful to mow down lots of enemies at once. Now, try a charged shot again, but this time while we have the fire flower upgrade. Ah, very cool, its a spread shot but with three much bigger fire balls. These shots will also break through bricks, nothing can stand in your way now!

Okay, there’s one last thing that we need to try. If we can somehow get a bigger clown car, then maybe the fireballs will become much more powerful. But how can we get a bigger clown car?….. I got it! Okay, so this will only work in the Super Mario Bros. theme and the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme. Lets feed a super mushroom to a boot and increase its size. Okay, stomp the goomba inside and hop in for yourself. Now, lets jump into a Fire Clown Car and see what happens.

mm16Amazing! Now uncharged fireballs will break through walls! And better yet, once charged, these fireballs can’t be stopped. They’ll keep going even after hitting an enemy or a brick! And I can guess what your next question probably is. What happens if we hop in with a fire flower? Yep, that’s right, you now get these same fireballs but with the spread shot trajectory.

mm13One last thing I must mention, the giant boot isn’t the only way to get your Fire Clown Car to increase in size. You may also use the special mushroom obtained after using the 30th anniversary Mario amiibo. And that’s not all, the appearance of the Fire Clown Car will also change after using this mushroom. Yep, now peaches face is on the Clown Car. It acts the same as when you use a giant boot, the change in appearance is just a simple cosmetic difference.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about the brand new Fire Clown Car in Super Mario Maker. Maybe you already discovered these interesting features, and if so, that’s awesome. A lot of these things I just recently found out the other day, so you can imagine how shocked I was to see all the things that this Fire Clown Car can do. And For everyone out there that was not aware of these things. Well, I’m glad that I could fill you in, and hope that this information will help you build even better courses in Super Mario Maker.

That does it for this post, thank you for stopping by and I hope that you learned a few new things. Make sure that while your here on that you check out the rest of our content. Also, be sure to share your thoughts about this post in the comments section below. As always, I’m Lockjaw, and I’ll see you next time!

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AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

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