ProCube Controller Now Available for Pre-Order


Hyperkin‘s highly anticipated GameCube-inspired Wii U Pro controller is finally available for pre-order from their official website.  The “ProCube” controller looks very similar to the classic GameCube controller we’ve all come to know and love, but functions just like a Wii U Pro controller.  While it’s essentially a wireless GameCube controller, judging from the images, it does have a few distinct changes.



At first glance, you’d think you were looking at a standard GameCube controller.  Upon further review, you’ll start to notice a few subtle differences.  The overall shape of the controller has been slightly modified, but still closely mimics the form-factor of the original.  The D-Pad appears slightly larger, which won’t make much of a difference to most Smash Bros. players, but might come in handy when playing different games.  That’s something else that will set this controller apart from the original GameCube controller… it’s compatible with any game that works with the Wii U Pro Controller.  That means you can once again play Mario Kart with a GameCube controller!

Other minor differences include the obvious additions of a Home button as well as + and buttons.  Additionally, the shoulder buttons have received a total overhaul.  Instead of concave shaped throttle-style L and R triggers, we now have standard click shoulder buttons.  This is interesting because the original GameCube controller’s L and R buttons were analog, so the console knew how far they were pushed inward.  All shoulder buttons on the ProCube will be digital, just like the standard Pro controller.  Also, you’ll quickly notice that you get not only L and R buttons, but also ZL and ZR (similar to the Wii U Pro controller).  The change in shoulder buttons might be odd at first for Smash Bros. players, but I think it could be a welcome change.  Time will tell how competitive Smashers take to this new control option because for many, old habits die hard.

For myself personally, I’m excited to see how this controller feels and I’m really hoping to get an opportunity to check one out.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic GameCube controller, but that’s actually the main reason the ProCube is so intriguing.  First, the wireless option is appealing to me.  I’m an old-school gamer, but I’ll admit I’ve gotten used to having no strings to hold me down.  Wireless controls are often a concern for some due to their responsiveness.  Some believe you can never fully eliminate even the most minor input delay when going wireless.  I highly doubt it will be an issue for competitive players, but that’ll have to be determined at a later time.

So you’re probably wondering how you can snag yourself a ProCube controller?  Head over to Hyperkin‘s official site and you’ll see a link on the homepage.  Or, you can simply CLICK HERE!  Hurry up, these are expected to ship on February 1st, so make sure to pre-order now to be first in line to try it out!


What do you think about the new ProCube controller from Hyperkin?  Will you be ordering one to try for yourself?  If you’re a serious Smash player, do you think you’ll dump the classic for this newer model?  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  We’re hoping to eventually test one out and when we do, we’ll provide an in-depth review on the controller, so stay tuned!

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AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

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