Nintendo at The Game Awards 2015


Nintendo has attended  The Game Awards shows in the past.  Last year they debuted the first footage of Zelda Wii U.  This year may be no different as Nintendo has announced they will not only be there, but will also show a special video tribute for their late President, Satoru Iwata.  Aside from that, what else might they have in store for us?

No one knows what else might or might not be shown, but I want to present you with some ideas that I think just might happen.


Zelda Wii U


We got a little more news during the last Nintendo Direct a few weeks ago, but just like last year, I think Nintendo will finally show us some more footage of this game during The Game Awards.  This will be a big audience and Nintendo wants to show off what could very well be the last major title for Wii U.  At the very least, I believe we could see an official trailer for the game.  Perhaps if it’s a video package, we’ll get some comments from Shigeru Miyamoto and other people working on the game.


Star Fox Zero


This also seems like a safe bet.  Aside from another new Nintendo Direct, this will be the last major show before Star Fox Zero’s launch in April 2016.  We did get to see a lot more of the game during the last Direct, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo held a little something back. Any announcement about the game may not be entirely about Star Fox Zero, but could also announce Wolf’s return in……


Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS


Yep, it’ll be no surprise to anyone when (not if) Wolf is announced as DLC for Smash 4.  I do believe Wolf will be released as DLC for Smash 4 around the time of Star Fox Zero’s launch in April.  This would be a great time to make it official and get people hyped.  Regarding any other major Smash announcements, I’d guess those will be held off until the final Smash Direct this month.  Nintendo doesn’t want to show their entire hand just yet, especially considering they’ve already announced Cloud.  That’s another very good possibility for The Game Awards:  a new Cloud trailer.  Again, this is a major audience and some might not even realize Cloud will be debuting in Smash soon.  Considering this will be his first appearance on a Nintendo console, the trailer would be well received.  And lastly, I do believe any Smash announcement will also come with the official date and time of the upcoming Smash Direct.


Pokken Tournament


Pokken Tournament, a cool mix of Pokemon and Tekken, will be released next year.  It has already garnered a very positive response from fans.  While there might not be anything new to show with the game, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nintendo at least had a new trailer for us.  It’d also be great to get an official release date, but I think it’s still too early for that.


Super Mario Maker


Last year Nintendo unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming game.  It featured a lot of new things not previously seen before.  Now that Super Mario Maker is out and a massive success, why would Nintendo show more?  DLC.  Yeah, you heard me correctly.  So far, we haven’t gotten any DLC for Mario Maker.  This is possibly the most perfect game for new, downloadable content!  Don’t misunderstand, it’s fantastic how it is, but I want slopes!  And Ice and Desert backgrounds!  New enemies, bosses and power-ups!  Well, you get the idea.  There is so much MORE Nintendo can give us via DLC and now is the perfect time for the first wave.  I could easily see a DLC trailer/announcement that lines up perfectly for the Holiday Season.  With no major games coming out, Nintendo will have to bank on existing titles and DLC to get them through the Holidays.  Mario Maker DLC is equivalent to Nintendo printing money.  Makes too much sense if you ask me.


So what do you think we’ll get from Nintendo at this year’s The Game Awards?  Am I just crazy or possibly on to something with my predictions?  Tell us what you think in the comments below and be sure to tune into The Game Awards tomorrow night!  (Click here for ways to watch the show live.)


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AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

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