Mario Maker Update Coming March 9th…. with KEYS!!!


Just announced during Nintendo’s latest Direct, Super Mario Maker will be receiving an update on March 9th.  The highlight of the update?  KEYS!  That’s right, possibly the most important component missing from Super Mario Maker will make its debut in less than a week.  But Keys aren’t the only new thing coming to Mario Maker

Mario Maker‘s next update will see the return of Skewers from Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros.  Skewers can be accessed by shaking a Thwomp in the level creator.  Judging from the video, Skewers can be placed on floors, walls and ceilings.  These vicious tools of destruction are sure to make life miserable for Mario.

keyOh, you’re still wondering about Keys, right?  Okay, Keys will be accessed by shaking a P-Switch.  Keys can then be used to open up Key Doors (accessed by shaking a Door).  Key Doors, obviously, can only be opened by retrieving a Key.  Here’s the fun part:  while Keys can be placed randomly in a level or within a block, they can also be attached to an enemy!  That’s right…. wait for it….. keep waiting….. MANDATORY BOSS FIGHTS!  No more cheesing or damage boosting through boss fights!

coinThe final addition to the course creator is the ability to place ‘Pink Coins‘ (similar to Red Coins from previous games).  Collecting all the Pink Coins in a level will award you a Key.  So those that like making adventurous levels now have a way to require players to actually explore their course.  No word on what the maximum amount of Pink Coins that can be placed in a level, but the Direct showed that it will be adjustable.  In one clip, the player only needed to collect 1 lone Pink Coin and in another, they needed to collect 5.  My guess is 5 will most likely be the limit, but if it’s higher, I don’t see it being any more than 7.  We will find out for sure on the 9th.


One final note on the addition of Keys to Super Mario Maker.  As you probably recall, Keys in Super Mario World needed to be grabbed and carried back to the locked Key Door.  In Super Mario Maker, not all game engines allow you to grab and carry items.  Thus, once retrieved, Keys will simply latch on to you as you attempt to find the Key Door.


Finally, we will now be bestowed the ‘privilege’ (or relentless suffering) of a brand new 100 Mario Challenge.  That’s right, we’re getting a SUPER EXPERT 100 Mario Challenge.  In this new mode, you will have 100 lives to clear 6 insanely difficult courses.  These courses will fall into the category of Super Expert, meaning they will be nearly impossible to complete.  If you love Kaizo, ultra precise jumps and utter chaos, this mode should make you incredibly happy.  For the rest of us, however, just know there will be Mystery Mushroom costumes you will never have.  Yep, the Super Expert 100 Mario Challenge will contain special Mystery Mushroom costumes only unlocked by completing that mode multiple times.  Ouch, thanks Nintendo.

If you missed the Direct, you can watch it below.  It will start at the Super Mario Maker announcement, but you can watch it from the beginning to see the presentation in its entirety.

What are your thoughts on this latest update coming to Super Mario Maker?  I’m personally excited because Keys were, in my opinion, the most important thing missing from Mario Maker  (sorry slope fans!).  How do you think these new tools will be utilized?  I can already see the numerous possibilities for trolls.  For actual creators, though, these new elements should make for some amazing course designs!  Share your thoughts below and stay tuned to for more Mario Maker news and updates.

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AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

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