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Today is the last day of 2015.  Many would agree that it was a great year for gamers.  Lots of new games were released, but only one can be named “Game of the Year” by  So you’re probably wondering, which game did we choose and why was it chosen?  Let’s answer that first one right now.  The “Game of the Year” for 2015 is…

Super Mario Maker for Wii U!


Congratulations to Nintendo for, once again, introducing a truly innovative and addictively fun gaming experience.  Super Mario Maker stands out from the pack and truly deserves the honor of “Game of the Year”.

So why was it chosen over other games?  Simple.  This game has endless possibilities.  Some people probably purchased it solely to play an unlimited number of Super Mario Bros. courses.  Remember how sad you were once you finally completed your favorite Mario game?  You knew it’d be a long time before you could play some new Mario levels.  With Super Mario Maker, you can now play a new level every minute of every day for a year and still wake up to find more new levels the next day!  Not only that, but regardless of your preferred play style, you’ll find tons of levels to enjoy.  From traditional platforming, to shoot-’em-ups, to puzzles, to Kaizo, to musical works of art and everything in between, you will find it in this game!

What’s more fun than playing a Mario game?  Apparently, it’s making a Mario game!  When we first heard about this game, we were very skeptical.  Why would anyone want to create their own level?  Thanks to the Wii U gamepad, designing courses in Super Mario Maker couldn’t be easier.  I’m still surprised how fun it is to merely play around in the course editor.  I can honestly spend hours just testing stuff out and it’s genuinely entertaining.  Finally finishing and uploading a level that you spent hours (or even days) designing is quite rewarding.  Speaking of rewarding, that brings me to the final reason Super Mario Maker is our “Game of the Year” award winner.

Playing and creating courses is fantastic, but watching someone play the course you created might just top them both.  Don’t believe me?  Go make a course and invite a friend to play it.  See?  Super Mario Maker just might be the next big thing is spectator gaming.  Since the game came out, it’s been one of the most popular games to watch played on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.  In most gaming streams, you go to watch someone play a game.  With Super Mario Maker, you’re going to watch someone play your game.  How cool is that?  When watching someone play one of my courses, I love hearing their feedback (good or bad) and the joy in their voice when they reach the goal.  In a small way, I can now understand why game designers are so excited when their games get released to the public.  Knowing that someone got enjoyment (and in some cases, frustration) from something that you designed is really neat.

Even when I’m not watching one of my own courses being played, there’s just something mesmerizing about watching someone else play a Mario game.  When the original Super Mario Bros. game was released on the NES in 1985, it was only a single player game.  Yeah, there was a 2-Player mode, but only one person could ever play at once.  Thus, if you had siblings or a friend over, they’d watch you play and then you’d watch them play.  Sometimes the spectating was just as fun as the playing.  There was always that one level that was really tough and you thought it couldn’t be beaten.  Then someone else would try their hand at it and, miraculously, clear it!  Some courses in Super Mario Maker seem nearly impossible, but many streamers are up for the challenge and will spend hours attempting to clear the most difficult courses.  It’s truly amazing to witness some of these courses being played and completed.

To those that haven’t yet experienced this awesome game, I suggest you go out right now and pick it up to see what you’re missing.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  Even if you’ve never played a Mario game before, there’s no better time to start and this is the perfect game for newcomers to the series.  Whether you want to play the game, create a masterpiece for others to try or simply wish to watch someone play, you just can’t go wrong with Super Mario Maker.


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AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

AZBros is a gaming website created by gamers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our Twitch live streams!

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  1. Mike_Scorpio says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I truly enjoy Super Mario Maker and definitely believe it is the best game of the year too

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