Ahead of the Curve: Hellfire Citadel


Welcome back to my third installment of Ahead of the Curve, this time i’m taking a look back at the final raid of this expansion, Hellfire Citadel. HFC is an epic 13 boss raid based in the Tanaan Jungle featuring the return of Archimonde, the Defiler as the final boss of the instance. Now I realize that some people are still progressing through this raid, but for me, it’s been quite a while since I pushed the Burning Legion back and saved draenor….

Preparing for Hellfire Citadel

After downing Mythic Blackhand at such a high rank, Huge in Japan looked primed and ready for a strong run in tier 18, but we learned looks can be deceiving. Shortly into farm a few of our key members were hit with the infamous 6 month ban wave that targeted botters. This was quite annoying news for various reasons, all the gear these players have collected is now gone and nobody else can use those tier tokens/weapons/trinkets, and second, we now had to funnel more gear into their new characters to prep for HFC.

Regearing banned players on new accounts was pretty stupid and a big waste of time, but something that we could easily manage. The next setback we faced was not so easily dealt with, during our farm of Blackrock Foundry HiJ lost quite a few very strong raiders including our top balance druid, 2 holy paladins, ret paladin, and our enhancement shaman. Keep in mind, these were some of the top ranking players for each of their classes so replacing them with a player of the same skill level was next to impossible. My confidence took a hit going into tier 18, losing so many great players and scrambling to find decent replacements wasn’t going to be easy. With the release of Hellfire Citadel coming very soon, the realistic expectation went from top 5 to praying for a top 10 finish.

The final month of Blackrock Foundry didn’t go anything like we had hoped for, no gearing alts for class stacking, no selling runs to fund new BoE gear, and stressing out about the new trials coming in weekly. Most of the people didn’t make the cut, but by the time Hellfire Citadel was released, we were able to field a decently strong roster for our split clears and everything went fairly well as far as gear funneling was concerned.

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Afflikshin has been gaming his whole life and won’t be stopping any time soon. If you play World of Warcraft or Overwatch, watch out for Afflikshin!

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